About us

Nobody should order the wrong size product when shopping online! Make use of your own feet (after scanning 3D with the app) while shopping for shoes.

Use your own 3D scan of your feet and we’ll fit them into the 3D shoe you’re looking for.

How we do it? It happens in the third dimension, hence the name 3D. The scan and fit advice is yours, hence the addition aboutme!

  1. Scan your feet just once with the 3Daboutme app (iOS and Android)
  2. We have a vast database of 3D shoes with brands like Adidas, Nike, Michael Kors, Vans, Converse, Puma, New Balance and others
  3. From now on, you get the right size advice for the shoes you’re looking for, every time!

Sounds like science fiction, but it happens, in real time. With our own algorithms we make sure your shoe fits, online.

Size related online shopping becomes easy!

The team

Roderick Muller

Roderick Muller


With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and entrepreneurship Roderick is the driving force in getting the concept to the market. Wondering why new sizing and fitting systems never occurred in the traditional arena of fashion, Roderick decided to use his strong belief in new technologies and services to make 3Daboutme the best platform for both consumer and industry.

Joost Alferink

Joost Alferink


Since graduating in 1989, Joost has been working in the domain of concept development, product design and design consultancy. The overall designers ambition to create more ‘stuff’ has been replaced by his ambition to create better services. The archaic way of sizing and fitting in todays market has been an ‘irritation’ to his 3D mentality and expertise. Late 2013 marked the moment for the official start of 3Daboutme. The initial idea originated in 2010.

Gerjon de Vries

Systems Architect

Klaas Nienhuis

3D architecture & visualisations

Klaas Nienhuis is an independent 3D software developer. 3D content consumption steadily grows in websites, apps or VR. Klaas’s work revolves around connecting 3D models with these platforms and services and getting data in and out 3D software as smoothly as possible.
For 3dabout.me Klaas builds shoe fitting algorithm prototypes, optimizes the shoe scanning process for growth and supports the team with visuals.

Ad van Sintemaartensdijk

Scan-Lab specialist

Ad has a background in IT. With his hands-on approach 3Daboutme will constantly improve the output of our scanning activities in the scan-lab.. Ad his accurate en meticulous working methodology is key for the best 3D fit results.

Jonathan van Westenhoven

Scan-Lab support

Emmy van Gool

Brand Identity

Patrick Min

3D fit programmer

Patrick Min is a scientific programmer. He specialises in geometry software, but has worked in many other areas, such as search engine technology, acoustic modelling, and information security. He has published papers and open source software in several of these areas. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Princeton University.


App Developments

De Designpolitie / PMS72

Website, animation & graphic design

Janiek Dam


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