Our field of work is constantly evolving. As is our business. We’ll keep you posted on anything and everything newsworthy within the virtual fit world.

September 2015


Once and a while you have to look back

Once and a while you have to look back. where were we a few weeks ago. puzzling to get all product data available through reversed engineering, testing our scan app, running all scripts and updating the algorithms. besides company related Read the rest

July 2015

Reconstructed body

final A-pose

The reconstruction of a rough 3D scan to a smooth image takes a few steps. details get lost in the process but flexibility increases. the final A-pose contains enough data for next steps. Read the rest

July 2015

Research & development

Traveling to Spain

Traveling to Spain with all of the team to meet with one of the respected R&D partners. What a wonderful group of people, what an impressive list of activities. More to say, will speed up the development process with Read the rest

June 2015

talking heads

3D is happening, nothing new to us. Now that we are drafting agreements, extending the development team, sourcing new partners and digging deeper into API’s and European privacy laws, we know 3D sizing in online shopping needs a solid foundation Read the rest

April 2015

It is happening in Sweden

strong international apparel brands

Recently we finished our so called Proof of Concept. Our algorithm outperforms our modest ambitions and it is time to share with leading brands in the apparel industry.. We visit preferred development partners to co-create the next step. Without mentioning Read the rest

April 2015

Smart Antwerp

meeting with the University of Antwerp

Through our network we got invited for a meeting with the University of Antwerp. Amazing, smart development in 3D mri-scanning and data collection. Read the rest

March 2015

Ministry of defense

data for basic fitting

The Dutch ministry of defence is quite advanced in 3D scanning their personnel, using the data for basic fitting. During a meeting we shared expertise from both sides. Our recently developed algorithms in 3D fitting were demonstrated. The relation is Read the rest

October 2014

Second visit to Lugano

with our development team

This time we attended the conference together with our development team. We returned to Amsterdam with a lot of scans and scan formats  of our bodies, hands and feet. Read the rest

September 2014

London calling

We went to visit London to check out the 3D scanner from at the Lanieri pop-up sore. We got our scans and data from the Size Stream software. Read the rest

October 2012

Lugano 2012

First visit and attendance to the 3D scanning conference in Lugano. A kickstart moment for benchmarking and technology input. Read the rest